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About Us

About us 


We are HamiltonRoche, an Amsterdam based consulting boutique with clients across the world and hundreds of years of experience. Founded in 2009, we learned that results matter and that is why many clients found our company. Since our foundation we have seen an increasing interest from our clients in sustainability, environmental, social and governance, although ithas not replaced growth and profit maximization as the mains driver for businesses.

We  are early adopters and this sets us apart. Yes, we are different and are no followers. Sometimes we are even a bit willful, but we are always after the best results for our clients. They recognize that every single dollar of Euro paid to us, was worth the money.

In all our projects we will try to transform gradually from  hierarchical organizations to self steering teams by eliminating silo's and improving deciveness by better business decisons.

We are as proud about our clients as they are. With our results we have deserved a place in their inner circles. Clients include both global companies as well as small and medium enterprises in technology, agrifood, manufacturing, publishing, logistics and professional services.
Our activities are based around three themes:

  • Strategy and Transformation

  • Business Recovery and Optimization

  • Working Capital Improvement (from Cash Flow Management to Supply Chain Financing)

Our Focus

Strategy & Transformation

Only a limited number of companies have well defined and communicated strategies, while in most cases the focus is not on increasing revenue.That is a missed chance since new market entrants may use disruptive ways to get market share. Stealing your revenue! They will change the game and you better be  prepared instead of being surprised by the Uber’s, Amazon’s or Netflix’s of your market. Become a game changer yourself!


Business Recovery & Optimization

Sometime enterprises have difficulties to overcome which absorb all of entrepreurs's time. There is always a mix of reasons, but the consequence is near insolvency. Investors and banks are on your back, where your talents to run the operation are required. We are helping our clients to recover, by number of measures. We are survival specialists and our track record is representing the results. 
In situations like this you need clarity of planning, cost and deliverables. Our fixed price, fixed time, fixed deliverables model is a respite for each entrepreneur when continuity is at stake.      


Working Capital Improvement

Working Capital Improvement (WCI) is an increasingly hot topic today. Many companies feel that traditional working capital key figures give them limited insights and waste 15% or more of their EBIT through inefficient working capital management. WCI is more than improving your DSO's and DPO's.
It is a mix of spend visibility and control, cost reductions by agility,  real time cash flow management, contract compliance,risk reduction, efficiency gains by e-procurement and e-invoicing that give you  , the working capital improvement. We have the solutions and partner with you to set  clear goals and then continually measure and raise the bar higher throughout our long-term partnerships. 


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