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The sky is the limit....


We are proud on our people pyramid. It is a mix of of industry monuments from major companies and young, ambitious and intelligent youngsters. This is giving the right balance for better than average client solutions, but is also keeping us sharp.  We are setting high goals for our consultants, without becoming the consultancy firm with a typical time based business model and no gurantee for success. 

We like to be challenged and believe in making our clients succesfull with a fair compensation to us. That gives us as much skin in the game as you have, which is the reason we accept output driven compensation models.

This way of working requires deep know how in the three themes (verticals or activities) we are offering to entreprises, and it requires domain knowledge on the specifics in client's industries.
Our 'fusion' of experience and people will surprise you, so will the cross domain knowledge based on earlier client engagements. This will give unexpectedly good results. What's common practice for one client, might be completely new and succesfull for others.

That is how we work and is embedded in our DNA.  We are open communicators, direct without being harsh or being wisenoses. We are typical Dutch with our feet on the ground but with tones of global experience. 

the team


We compose our multi disciplinaty teams to bring you the best. Expertise, Dynamics and Pragmatism are as important as our drive to deliver top results. We are  maintaining a pool of talent and nurture our talents to become tomorrow's experts and leaders. This takes time, but also a lot of job satisfaction and appreciation.
We don't mind when some one has outgrown our company and decides to explore his or her talents elsewhere. That is how we improve not only our  company, but help to improve the entire industry.

Where you you think that Chief Paul Bocuse, Gordon Ramsey or Jonnie Boer would have stand with a protective approach?
Instead they taught their jr. chiefs to a level where they can compete and explore new endeavors.
Our approach is comparable and it's our model for sustained successes, while keeping us on our toes.

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