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Strategy and Transformation

Very few companies have a well defined and communicated strategy based on growth. That is a missed chance since emerging competitors might offer your customers  better options or introduce  game-changing technologies
Your strategy reflects the way you think about these challenges and determines your future position in the market.  It will prepare you to tackle new market entrants that may use disruptive ways to get market share. They might change the game and become the Uber’s, Amazon’s or Netflix’s of your market. Be prepared, a good strategy might make you a game changer.

In your executive  roles you have tons of information on technology and markets to absorb and you will recognize the dificulties to evaluate trends, new technoloy or improvements in your company strategy.  It is simply too much. Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP appear to be as important as Digital Marketing,Sales Aligmnent, Talent Acquisition or Reporting.  How to combine this in a broadly supported and executable strategy?  Talk to our experts and they will help to get you a clear view on priorities and how to implement.

But even if you have a strategy in place, only very few companies take the time to explain the strategy to their employees. What does it mean to each individual? No need to mention the consequences:  “No involvement and ownership, but a waste of time, money and motivation”.

We are HamiltonRoche (Amsterdam). A global strategy consulting and transformation boutique. We have  researched the drivers for sustainable growth of  companies and are ready to help you with our expertise. No one knows your business better than you do, but we bring in fresh and disruptive ideas  while adding value to your domain expertise. Together, we will elevate your companies to new levels and prepare it for the future.   

business recovery

Business Recovery 

Sometimes enterprises have difficulties to overcome that absorb all of entrepreurs's time or go beyond the talents or know how levels. This is always caused by a mix of reasons, but the consequence could be near insolvency. Investors and banks will be on your back, while strategic and operational talents are required.

Enterprises and Commercial Banks are regularly confronted with hese situations and involve HamiltonRoche to help their client recover. Our past  successes put us in a prefered position due to a number of reasons:

  • Our trackrecord shows that no company bankrupted within two years following our involvement and we helped lots of troubled companies to survive.

  • We are experienced in developing, implementing and communicating strategies that work. Not taking months, but in weeks and with the necessairy domain knowledge in various markets segments. We work with company owners, shareholders, financial institutions and employees to get a platform for the measures actions to be taken. But keeping the sense of urgency in mind.   

  • Our philosophy of Fixed Price, Fixed Time and Fixed Deliverables. When your company is having some difficulties you need to control your cost, want to know when external will convert into results and want to know what measurable help will be delivered.

  • Our ability to add new cash injections when required. We have a large netwerk of investors in a variety of domains, which means you are just one phone call away from improved balance sheets and equity.

Working Capital Improvement

Working Capital Improvement (WCI) is an increasingly hot topic and a continuous headache for entrepreneurs since is limiting growth potential. Many companies feel that traditional attention for Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and Days Procured Outstanding (DPO) is sufficient, but don't know these limited insights will waste 15% or more of their EBIT.

The actual solution is to improve company's spend management by efficient and controllable processes that can easily adapt to changing conditions. Today's companies require centralized control with decentralized execution, since it will yield business agility and increase process efficiency while providing financial oversight and auditability

Can you imagine a situation where your purchase prices will reduce or you can process more incoming and sales invoices without any head count increase? Buying more goods and services off negotiated contracts. Rejecting and preventing unnecessary spend. These add up to a higher productivity and meaningful cost reductions.

It all starts by making your process bottelenecks visible and to get real time Working Capital insights that will allow for for reliable cash flow forecasts when you need it. Or with capabilities to simulate the cash flow effects on modified strategies and tactics. Reliable data for trustworthy decisions. Integrated solutions instead of spreadsheet driven solutions to improve your Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC).  The cash conversion is a major indicator for organiational efficiency and  equals days of sales outstanding plus days of inventory outstanding minus days of payables outstanding.

Cash is King, but the reality is different. In general corporate debt is increasing, which is worrying and action is required! 

HamiltonRoche can help to improve your Working Capital Management :

  • Assesment of actual situation with a roadmap from Quick Wins to full Supply Chain Financing. This will allow you to define the potential and how to achieve.

  • Real time cash flow planning tools with simulation feautures and all the adaptors required to connect to your ERP-system(s) for reliable data.

  • Automated Processes for scalable growth in Procurement-to-Pay and Order-to-Cash to prevent your from overloaded manual systems.

  • Automated and real time contract management will help you achieving maximum savings and  allows for accurate cash flow forecast on the basis of long-term contracts.

  • Proven and internationally awarded tools (incl. e-Invoicing, e-Procurement).


working capital
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